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We are delighted to launch the 2022 Dräger UK Safety at Work Report. For those not familiar with this report, it summarises the findings of our annual, independent research aimed at capturing the views of employees and managers on the topic of safety in UK workplaces. The result is a regular annual snapshot of the current status of workplace safety here in the UK; a topic that Dräger both knows – and cares – a great deal about.

Read the full report to discover more about:

  • How Covid has been a catalyst for change in the safety industry creating an unprecedented opportunity to initiate a positive and long-term legacy when it comes to workplace safety. Our report shows that not only are most employees now familiar with who their business’s health & safety lead is, but health and safety professionals have had board recognition like never before.
  • Why the majority of British workers (52%) feel safer at work than they did a year ago but also where there are concerns on the horizon including:
    • Safety ‘brain drain’ – amidst a record employment flux, the research showed that the leading reason for people feeling less safe at work was the loss of older, more experienced workers from the workforce (32%). While 37% stated that there needs to be more effort made to make sure that experience is handed down to the next generation of workers.
    • Concerns about a major industrial disaster on the scale of Buncefield or Piper Alpha, more than half (55%) of managers have concerns about such an incident happening in the next five years.
    • Supply Chain issues – Four in ten (40%) managers stated that the current supply chain problems posed the most significant current threat to workplace safety, due to lack of availability of parts such as sensors and semi-conductors.
  • We also build on the theme of safety in renewable energy which was explored in last year’s report. Our research indicates that there is some movement on the recognition of the importance of safety in this sector but there is still more to be done.
  • The report also highlights the importance of workplace culture and changing attitudes to mental health, as well as the increasing recognition of the role of drug and alcohol testing in keeping everyone in the workplace safe.’’
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